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Often the difference between a Good Shower Door Installation and a bad shower door installation is Time Spent on the Job.

The Application of Proper Design, Methods, & Techniques, along with quality engineered hardware and Material, assures a well designed, esthetically pleasing, and more easily maintained shower environment.

A.S.D. uses only industry proven methods & techniques, which results in greater stability, cleaner lines, while minimizing mold and water spotting build-up concerns. In the case of heavy frameless, and some aspects of semi-frameless shower enclosures, the proper silicone method is instrumental in the control of Subsurface Mold & Mildew.

When the silicone is applied correctly using the “Structural Backfilled Silicone Joint” method, mold and mildew can’t grow under or behind the glass where it is visible but not accessible for cleaning.

You also Achieve, through Proper silicone technique, a much stronger structural bond between stationary glass to tile, and glass to glass connecting points.

In some cases this method can Reduce the amount of Hardware/Clamps or Channeling needed, and still create a Structurally Sound Enclosure.

Please Note: The Silicone used on Frameless Shower Enclosures, and some aspects of Semi-frameless Shower Enclosures, is not only used to keep the water where it belongs, but is also as a Structural Part of the Enclosure as well.

As Squeegeeing is your 1st line of defense against water spotting, these methods create cleaner lines with even less effort to maintain, because there is less hardware/clamps in the path of your squeegee, and less metal channel which reduces the opportunity for mold to grow behind, and become a maintenance issue.

“Please Note that form over function should never affect structural integrity.

All shower enclosure glass by law, and code, “must be tempered safety glass” or in the case of Fully framed shower doors, clear laminated safety glass may be used.