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Accent Shower Door and Mirror now offers Grab Bar Installation

Grab bar installation is one way to ensure safe accessibility while in the shower or bath. This easy bathroom modification makes entering and exiting the bath and shower area much easier and safer.

At Accent Shower Door and Mirror we have the expertise to perform grab bar placement even in areas with tile or porcelain walls. We will professionally install grab bars wherever they may be needed. Grab bar installation in the shower, or even the toilet area makes having access in the bathroom much safer, and when we do the job, you know your grab bar installation is Done Right! 

Frameless/Heavy Glass Shower Doors Enclosures

“Installed Right!“

Over the past years, Frameless Shower Doors & Enclosures have become the Preferred Style that many Home Owners are seeking when shopping for a New Glass Shower Enclosure.

Typically they have Experienced these Elegant Upgraded Designs at a Hotel, family member, or friends home, or even in a magazine.

As Frameless Shower doors can look quite simple, It is important to know ,Our Customer Service approach is to Inform, and Educate about the varied Design Characteristics, Limitations, and Installation Procedures. This Information will help you make your decisions.

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Semi-Frameless Shower Doors & Enclosures

“Installed Right!”

Tempered safety glass is typically 3/16" to 1/4" with some exposed polished or mitered edges. A semi-frameless design is very customizable providing clean lines using glass-to-glass corners with handle and towel bar options. Both 3/16" and 1/4" clear glass provides rigidity and clean lines.
 Semi-frameless design minimizes the use of metal and allows easier maintenance. Stall showers rŸequire top aluminum header support and sliding shower enclosure top tracks. Semi-frameless shower doors and enclosures are available in most common finishes.

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Steam Shower Design

"Installed Right!"

So you want a steam shower? When you clicked Accent Shower Doors, you came to the right place, from Design to Delivery to Installation we have the answers. If you are planning to convert your existing shower for steam we can provide all the information you need.

Converting Your Shower for Steam

Although this task may seem overwhelming, once you have all the information and all your questions answered your envisioned steam sanctuary will be much easier to swallow. There are basically two areas that will need to be addressed, the first is making your shower vapor proof. 

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Sliding Shower Doors

"Installed Right!"

Sliding shower doors typically have a small handle or knob on the inside slider panel and a towel bar on the outside panel. For a less obstructed look, you may option to use only two handles or knobs.

ŸTowel bars, handles or knobs have a low profile face or fastener. This allows the glass panels to completely bypass one another for easier squeegeeing and cleaning.

ŸTraditional style typically uses 3/16” glass, handles and double run towel bars that are clamped to the edge of glass. Top track/headers are a square/contoured profile.

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Glass and Mirrors

"Installed Right!"

At Accent Shower Door and Mirror, we have a limitless selection of  glass styles and designs, our knowledgable staff will help you select the glass that will complement any decor.

Need more home decorating ideas with mirrors & Glass?

Call Accent Shower Doors and Mirror,  we will set up an appointment for you with our glass and mirror design specialist who will take the time to educate you on the on glass and mirror design and installation  while  creating just the right custom look for your home.

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