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Sliding Shower Doors

"Installed Right!"

Sliding shower doors typically have a small handle or knob on the inside slider panel and a towel bar on the outside panel. For a less obstructed look, you may option to use only two handles or knobs.

ŸTowel bars, handles or knobs have a low profile face or fastener. This allows the glass panels to completely bypass one another for easier squeegeeing and cleaning.

ŸTraditional style typically uses 3/16” glass, handles and double run towel bars that are clamped to the edge of glass. Top track/headers are a square/contoured profile.

Euro style typically uses 1/ 4” clear glass with knobs and towel bars mounted through the glass. They use a much heavier top track/header that has a rounded, or Euro Profile.

*Note that some manufactures make both a heavier gauge and lighter gauge top track/header. Be sure to know what you have been quoted.

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