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So you want a steam shower? When you clicked Accent Shower Doors, you came to the right place, from Design to Delivery to Installation we have the answers. If you are planning to convert your existing shower for steam we can provide all the information you need.

Converting Your Shower for Steam

Although this task may seem overwhelming, once you have all the information and all your questions answered your envisioned steam sanctuary will be much easier to swallow. There are basically two areas that will need to be addressed, the first is making your shower vapor proof. 

This can be done by covering all exposed dry-wall with some type of wall material; this can be ceramic tile, marble, travertine, glass or any other similar material. Next will be getting your steam equipment, there are three pieces that will need to be acquired,

  1. Your Steam Generator,
  2. Your Control package, and
  3. Your Steam Tight Shower enclosure.

More on steam shower design can be found here (link to steam shower layout).

Purchasing a Modular Steam Shower, What You Should Know First!

Modular Steam Showers came onto the market many years ago but have only recently begun to flood the market. Why? Well integrated audio systems, mood lighting, tubs, and body sprays sound very appealing especially when this amazing package can be yours for a fraction of what it costs to convert your shower. I bet your asking yourself, why are these units so inexpensive? Well here is the answer

  • A. The majority of these units are made in China, which not always a bad thing but . . .,
  • B. They are not UL or even CUL certified, this means you’ll have a very hard time finding a contractor to install these units,
  • C. Since these units are made in China parts are of limited availability, and
  • D. Purchasing these untis do not support the United States economy.

The answer? Accent Shower Doors. Our Steam Showers are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. and installed right the first time. Accent Shower Doors is all you need to know.

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